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9:1 transformer    DX 390 mute modification     Attenuator  

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MFJ 956



Lay radio face down on a soft surface. Remove all batteries and then remove all screws holding back of radio (don't forget the one in the battery compartment) and remove back. Remove screws holding circuit board in place. Lift circuit board (carefully) from the left side while flexing left side of case to clear volume control shaft. Once left side is clear, move board left to clear antenna and power jacks. once board is clear, turn it over toward you (be careful, wires are short). In the upper left of the board , locate the volume control pot. Just to the right of this is a metal can. Just above the can is a multi-pin connector marked CNT 1. Locate the third wire from the left on this connector. This wire is marked 10. Cut this wire. Mute mod is know done. Tip: cut the wire with enough left so mod can be undone if desired. Note: Sometimes this radio has a processor lockup happen when you do this procedure. Leaving the batteries out for a few hours before opening it up my prevent this. If you do experience this problem, remove batteries and let sit overnight. The radio should work normally after this.